Bonko’s Harvest, By Oyin Oludipe

Great work!


(a short play by  Oyin Oludipe)


“And losses linger, recalls do not
Antics are seen through this edge
Bugler, butchery, Bonko finds, Bonko keeps
He sees it all on wailing skulls”– Abdul Crusher

To such a measure has nostalgia inspired regret, fuelled agitations, tempered evolvement and ruined the sense of a future across human worlds. Self-reconciliation with this truth leads to a more frantic shock that isolation and the loss of human contact are, for themselves, kindling; that to remember can be a curse; and that the open space called life can bear the seemingly ostensible yet mischievous possessions of evil.
More than 200 schoolgirls in the North have been unaccounted for, these three-week gone. As an aftershock has indignation swept the country and the entire world. While fiendish zealotry is one way to characterize the situation. Another is negligence. Nationhood is borne away by invisible hands to…

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Lecrae Talks Signing With Jay-Z Rumour

Lecrae, the 33-year-old Christian rapper, recently responded to rumors about signing with Jay-Z, and also offered his thoughts on the rapper.
The rapper born Lecrae Moore clarified rumors of him signing with rap mogul Shawn”Jay-Z” Carter in a recent interview.
“[Laughs] At this point in time, no,” Lecrae told Ebony. “Essentially, he was looking for some conscious artists and my name was thrown into a pool of other artists and that’s as far as it went.”
The Christian rapper let it be known that he would not consider the business move.
“Nah. For multiple reasons, but one majorly,I’m an independent artist, I’m a label owner,” Lecrae revealed. “I love my independence. I love being able to create the story.”
While many have questioned Jay-Z’s religious beliefs, Lecrae said that there were some parallels between he and the popular music mogul.
“And I want to do in many ways what Jay-Z is doing for the mainstream. He’s inspiring a lotof people to think they can do something on their own,” Lecrae said. “I want to inspire people that they can do it on their own and not compromise their faith and beliefs, as well. So, that’s what I stand for.”
Jay-Z previously spoke about his religious beliefs in a 2010 interview with New York City radio station Hot 97. The rapper said he didn’tknow where rumors that he belonged to a secretsociety came from.
“If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion,” Jay-Z told Hot 97 host Angie Martinez previously. “I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people.I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell.”

‘Lost’ in ‘Wonderland’! Naveen Andrews joins ‘Once Upon’ spinoff in major role

He’s back: Naveen Andrews is returning to ABC primetime. The actor has booked a major role on upcoming fall seriesOnce Upon a Timein Wonderland.
Andrews will play Jafar — the main villain inDisney’s 1992 filmAladdin.
The role will mark Andrews’ U.S. TV return since playing Sayid onLost,which concluded in 2010. He’s appeared in one other project, the UK seriesSinbad, which was aired stateside on Syfy, and was cast in an ABC pilot earlier this year. The super-secret casting was just announced during theWonderlandpanel, with Andrews surprising fans by taking the stage.
“I’m proud and thrilled to be back with ABC on an exciting and unique new show!” said Andrews in a statement to EW. “This role will be a real departure from any animated versions because of the layered emotions and complexities involved with making him a real three-dimensional character.”
Showrunner Edward Kitsis said on the panel that Jafar will part of the show starting with the season premiere. “We absolutely had this character in mind and we knew we wanted Naveen to play it. We asked him he said yes and we said lets save it for Comic-Con … it’s going to be very frightening.”
Wonderlandpremieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m.
By James Hibberd

Jim Parsons nominated for the Emmys Award!

Jim Parsons will never get tired of being nominated for Emmys
By Hillary Busis

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons just got nominated for his fifth Emmy Award — but don’t assume that means he’s grown immune to the honor. “Oh my God, are you kidding? No!”he says, a note of incredulity in his voice. “[InHollywood,] one day you’re working and one day people are saying, ‘Who?’ So it’s always apleasant surprise.”
In fact, says Parsons, he feels more honored to be nominated with every TV season that passes. “There’s more on the air every year, there’s more choices out there,” he explains, “and when people choose you in any way … it’s really touching. I don’t know what other word to use.”
It helps, of course, that Parson was given plenty of juicy material this year. He marvelsat the wayBig Bang‘s writers developed the show’s characters and relationships in its sixth season, especially the one between Parson’s Sheldon and Mayim Bialik’s Amy: “They’ve made such strides in the growth of several characters on this show, without alienating the characters from who they were atthe beginning.” Parsons says writing like that makes his job easy — though the Academy maydisagree.
“I feel it more intensely the longer the show goes on,” he continues. “My job feels like it’s very much to show up and say what they’ve written. And I know that there’s more to it — I’m not an idiot. But I really mean that, from the bottom of my heart. That’s the core feeling that I have.”
Parsons is currently on the east coast, reprising an old Broadway role in Ryan Murphy’s adaptation ofThe Normal Heart, a drama about the ’80s AIDS crisis. “It’s been so wonderful to do something so divergent fromthe day job, as it were,” he says — especially because of the TV movie’s heavy subject matter,which tends to “create immediate camaraderie.”It might also lead to more Emmy victories next year, though Parsons isn’t counting his chickens. “The work I’ve watched has been stellar, so it wouldn’t surprise me if come awards time there was some recognition,” he says — adding, diplomatically, “but you just never know.”