I wrote this about three years ago and suddenly found it in my archive of poems.

Love, how you marvel me with unending surprises
Brings me boundless joy, yet springs with crisis
Thy beauty like flowers that blossom showing forth it’s petals
Springing o’er the fields like bits of metals
Unto you my hands swing, unto you I cling
I pray thou anger shows no sting
For freely you go, yet men chase
Oh Love, we all seek thy face
We stay as captives cast under thy spell
Yea, we crave to leave thy pleasured cell
We hear tales; how men fall at thy presence
Bound by your enormous deeds and glorious essence
Many we’ve heard and more untold
How you melt hardened hearts, this mystery we wish to unfold


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Did they say you won’t see tomorrow
Claiming your life would be drenched in sorrow
Tell them your warrior is drawing near

Did they say you’ll get in trouble
And all your worries would incessantly double
Tell them they are the ones who should fear

Who is he that makes your day frightening
Tell me. I shall strike him like lightning

Fear not, I shall bruise his bragging head
He would wish he were long dead
Than face the wrath I’ve chosen to bring

They shall all flee at the blast of my gun
My voice would shake them till they run
An unending dirge they would sadly sing

So my dear, walk with pride wherever you go
Stay calm as ever, for your warrior tells you so

Written by: Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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