Bonko’s Harvest, By Oyin Oludipe

Great work!


(a short play by  Oyin Oludipe)


“And losses linger, recalls do not
Antics are seen through this edge
Bugler, butchery, Bonko finds, Bonko keeps
He sees it all on wailing skulls”– Abdul Crusher

To such a measure has nostalgia inspired regret, fuelled agitations, tempered evolvement and ruined the sense of a future across human worlds. Self-reconciliation with this truth leads to a more frantic shock that isolation and the loss of human contact are, for themselves, kindling; that to remember can be a curse; and that the open space called life can bear the seemingly ostensible yet mischievous possessions of evil.
More than 200 schoolgirls in the North have been unaccounted for, these three-week gone. As an aftershock has indignation swept the country and the entire world. While fiendish zealotry is one way to characterize the situation. Another is negligence. Nationhood is borne away by invisible hands to…

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